I am the founder, artist and strategy director of Clear Village, a UK community development charity pioneering participatory placemaking and design practices.

My background is in geography and international affairs but I quickly migrated towards architecture and communication professions with a focus on sustainable lifestyles whilst working with European foresight organizations.

For the last 15 years I have endeavoured to understand what makes vibrant communities, villages and neighbourhoods and find ways to apply it to overlooked or neglected places and provide the inspirational beacons we are searching for. 

Beyond these activities I have been involved with a number of green start-ups as a business angel, ranging from material science to biomimicry and clean energy. I also contribute and give advisory time to influence organizations such as the BioneersWorldchanging.com and RIBA Building Futures. 

I am currently working on opening a hub and cultural centre for regeneration arts in Hackney which will house our offices and a collective of likeminded social/eco entrepreneurs that want to express the massive potential of the DIY scene and connect it to the rise of 'gross local happiness' initiatives.