I’m an Associate in Arup’s global Foresight + Research + Innovation team. I specialise in exploring and envisioning the future of the built environment.

Climate change, artificial intelligence, and smart materials are just some of the trends that will transform the future of our built environment. While it is relatively easy to identify these changes, it is much harder to assess how they will impact a specific context. This could be the design of a new workplace or a transport system in a major city. To understand implications and manage uncertainty we must challenge our own perception of what is ‘normal’, and what ‘normal’ will be in the future. We must apply principles that can adequately anticipate the design of structures, processes and experiences of tomorrow.

I work across all scales and sectors, including cities, buildings and spaces. I’m particularly interested in how trends in design will transform future human experiences and how people themselves will impact future design. I have worked on projects for Arup in Europe, UAE, Japan and Australia. 

See: Foresight and Innovation (http://www.driversofchange.com)
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