I lead the design team within building engineering on complex projects, particularly rail. 

By training, I’m an architect and have spent the last eight years leading design teams on major London infrastructure projects, including underground stations, underground service yards and public realm masterplans. For example, I delivered the King’s Cross St Pancras northern ticket hall for London Underground and infrastructure for the southern zone at the King’s Cross Central development.

I served on the Board of the American Institute of Architects (UK Chapter) for three years. I also taught undergraduate architecture at the University of California and Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. 

I was "the Architect" for a Wellcome Trust-sponsored film called AbNormal about imagination, creativity and the brain. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.

I want to make the world a better place, both in the work I do and in the way I do it. I have focused on infrastructure because it serves a wide public, marrying complex technical requirements with high expectations for end user experience.