I am a lighting and interaction designer working in Arup’s lighting design team. I like to get involved with both the art and science of lighting. I love how light can shape the experience of a place, influencing people’s moods and emotions and stimulating behaviours.

During my time with Arup, I have been involved in architectural lighting and daylighting design for a broad range of international projects, with a special focus on workplaces, schools and art galleries. One of my proudest experiences was working on the daylighting design for the Dwabor Kindergarten in Ghana.

My initial design and research interests were daylighting, sustainability, visual perception and lighting control. More recently I have developed a strong passion for user interface design, physical computing and the creative and engineering aspects of art installations. 

This has led me to explore how web design and digital technologies can simplify or amplify our daily interactions with automated buildings and to question what words like intelligent and smart mean in the context of the built environment.