I have worked for Arup for eight years as a Project Management professional on a wide range of projects. I am also the African representative on the UKMEA diversity and Inclusion Committee.

I am particularly interested in the issues of diversity across all areas (gender, race, age, industry experience, religion) on how it influences the success of multi-national organisations, project teams and the success of projects. 

As part of  my ‘why’ as a Project Manager at Arup is to ‘shape a better world’ which is firstly grounded on my technical skills, but in addition I am fascinated by the effects of human dynamics in the work I do. Which has resulted in my always being conscious and tuned in into the human dynamics that play out throughout the project life cycle.

I am blessed to work for an organisation that allows to explore this dynamic, as I am allowed to be comfortable in my own skin as an African woman engineer in Africa, and to openly share the importance of the human aspect to my team and clients in the Built Environment. This view is uniquely explored and appreciated in Africa, as we say in South Africa...Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (A person is through other people). While I continue to observe this dynamic around me, I am quickly reminded that humility is a main focus of the Arup mission statement, so this isn't happening by chance.