I'm a senior product and interaction designer in Arup's Amsterdam office. My projects have a technical and functional basis but also a very strong focus on design and visual appeal. 

My strength is conceptual creative thinking and uniting specialist knowledge. I have applied this approach on projects all over the world, including the stations for the Cityringen metro line in Copenhagen and the lighting for the Sheikh Zayed bridge in Abu Dhabi. My latest work is a research project on the application of additive manufacturing in metal for the production of structural elements. 

I always like to say that I get the projects that other people don’t really know what to do with. What I love about working for Arup is that we never say "no" and always approach projects with an open mind and with a drive to find the best solution. I also love working with people around the world, finding the best people for the job and not being limited to whoever happens to be in your local office.