I co-founded Energy for Humanity, a new voice for the environmental movement. Since our launch in October 2014, I have given speeches around the world, and developed partnerships with the media, scientists, academics and civil society organisations. We are independent from industry and are funded entirely by philanthropic donations. 

Our main goal is to create an evidence-based debate, aligned with the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other scientific studies and institutions: that a massive expansion of nuclear power is vital if we are serious about transitioning from fossil fuels. To oppose nuclear at every turn is to gamble with our climate and our future. 

I am proud of having created the first UK chapter of the global Women in Nuclear network. I’m also a visiting researcher at Manchester University, and an independent advisor to Government. Right now my main priority is growing Energy for Humanity, a new NGO working to meet the goal of universal access to clean and cheap energy.