A fire engineer based in Arup's San Francisco office, I am an Associate Principal responsbile for the office's fire engineering group.

My writings, musings and presentations often involve the subject of acceptable risk, regulations and safety. With degrees in civil engineering and in fire protection engineering, I am on the appeals board for the San Francisco Building Department as well as the California State Building Commission Subcommittee on Fire Safety.

I am fortunate to work on some of the biggest or most interesting structures in the world, from the Venetian, Macao to the High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas.

Arup’s global fire engineering group endeavors to encourage people to think of building safety in terms of performance. By active involvement with the codes and standards organizations, we push the design and regulatory community towards performance based codes. The most significant, cost effective safety measure you can employ to reduce your risk from fire, and improve performance, is to check your smoke alarm and replace the battery if needed.