I am Head of Government Affairs based in Arup’s London office. I build relationships with politicians and civil servants to help the firm fulfil its mission to ‘shape a better world’.

I remember the moment I became interested in politics. In 1996, I attended a state school which was in dire need of repair. In a number of the classrooms rain dripped from the ceilings into buckets. When the Government of the day announced its intention to build a new Royal Yacht, the activist in me was born. The following year, the Government lost the general election and the yacht was never commissioned. The incoming government embarked on the largest school building programme in a generation, and my old school was razed to the ground and rebuilt. It was delivered by Arup, the company I have proudly called home for the last seven years. 

Prior to joining Arup I worked in the Houses of Parliament for MPs, a Lord and a Government Minister. 

Peter left Arup in 2014.