I am a structural engineer in Advanced Technology and Research, working on all aspects of existing structures – a vast spectrum. My areas of expertise are masonry, including historic materials, basement waterproofing, refurbishment work, and construction pathology in general.

The reuse of old buildings offers great opportunities to retain assets which are of value in the sense of place, historic record and economic value. This is not new – a 15 century building dismantled and re-erected along England’s Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) incorporated timbers that had clearly had an even earlier use.

More recently, I have focused on damage assessment work along London’s new Crossrail route, with its 42km of bored tunnels. This has required careful review of several hundred historic buildings. 

One of the greatest moments I recall in a long career with Arup was moving Bridge House, a 17th century farmhouse, about 60m from its original position.